Dear publishers, media projects and collectives,

we are glad to tell you that the “Libertäre Medienmesse” will take place again in 2016. Because of the publishers' support in 2010, 2012 and 2014 we were able to organize 3 days of fair, presentation of projects, readings, culture, events, information, meeting people and making plans for a world beyond crisis and exploitation. The preparations for the forth “LiMesse” are in full swing, so we can renew this weekend on 01th-03th juli, 2016.

Of course, some things have basically changed during the last years.

In 2010 we offered an alternative to the commercial project “Capitol of Culture RUHR.2010” and countered propaganda about a solid and growing economy, which profits would increase our society's general wealth. Already then it indicated, that it was merely about a growing break through the middle of society.

This year, the curtain of the “Capitol of Culture” has finally closed. By now, global crisis can also be noticed on communal plain and several saving measures affect the bigger part of population. We want to invite you as libertarian publishers, media projects and collectives to present your self organized and non-commercial politics. The crisis of capitalism is global, so we would appreciate if some international Mediaprojects will take part, too. You could participate with an own presentation in English or just present your work with a booth.

All important basic data and a review to “LiMesse 2010”, “LiMesse 2012” and “LiMesse 2014”, most important information for exhibitors and a contact blank is located at (language: German)

If there are any questions in English, please don't hesitate to ask us at kontakt[ at ]

Different from the “LiMesse 2010” (city of Oberhausen) and “LiMesse 2014” (city of Essen) it will this year take place at the “Bahnhof Langendreer” social center in Bochum, a centre of Ruhr. We have to say once again, cause we were 2012 at the same place.

There you'll have a realistic opportunity to present your political work beyond the scene. More information about the location and its sourroundings may be found here.

If you decide to participate in the “LiMesse”, please declare with the application form.

You are welcome to suggest own projects, lectures, books etc. for presentation!

We're looking forward to an exciting and versatile “LiMesse” and hope to see you in august!

Your Limesse organising collective     
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